[Sarah is treating the Terminator's bullet wounds]
John: Does it hurt when you get shot?
Terminator: My body senses injuries. The data would be called "pain".
Sarah: John, help me with the light. [To Terminator]Will these heal up?
Terminator: Yes.
Sarah: Good. If you can't pass for human, you're not much good to us.
John: How long do you live - I mean, last, or whatever?
Terminator: A hundred and twenty years with my existing power cell.
John: Can you learn stuff that you haven't been programmed with? So you can be, you know, more human, and not such a dork all the time?
Terminator: My CPU is a neural-net processor. A learning computer. But Skynet presets the switch to read-only when we're sent out alone.
Sarah: Doesn't want you to do too much thinking, huh?
Terminator: No.
John: Can we reset the switch?
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