(Two of the bank robbers are arguing in Portuguese)
Andy: What are they sayin'?
Belle: The redhead is sayin' she doesn't want to kill a cop. So, if we just play it cool then they'll leave us here tied up.
Andy: Okay. Okay. I'll play it cool. Play it cool. (winks)
Belle: Okay. Hey...what was that wink for?
Andy: Shh. Hey, trust me.
Belle: No, no, no, no, no, man. What was that about?
Andy: Shh. Trust me. Trust me.
Belle: Trust you?
Andy: Yeah.
Belle: Trust you? Hell no. Uh-uh. No way. (to bank robbers) Hey! Excuse me! Excuse me! Don't mean to interrupt. He's gonna do something. He just winked at me.
Andy: Hey, what's wrong with you?
Belle: What's wrong with me?
Andy: Yeah!
Belle: Uh, I got a problem getting SHOT! (to red-headed bank robber) Did you frisk him?
Red-headed Bank Robber: (****s gun and point it at Andy) Si.
Bell: Well frisk his ass again! He got at least one more gun on him. Cavity-search him!
Andy: I do not! (to robbers) I swear!
Belle: He's got a gun and he's gonna use it! He's crazy.
Andy: Whose side are you on?
Belle: MINE!

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