Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back

Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back quotes

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Boba Fett
Darth Vader
Han Solo
Lando Calrissian
Master Yoda
Princess Leia Organa

As you wish.

He's no good to me dead.

What if he doesn't survive? He's worth a lot to me.

Put Captain Solo in the cargo hold.

And I thought they smelled bad... on the outside!

Hurry up, Goldenrod, or you're gonna be a permanent resident!

Then I'll see you in Hell!

Shut him up or shut him down!

Lando Calrissian. He's a card player, a gambler, a scoundrel. You'd like him.

Chewie, this won't help me! Save your strength, there'll be another time! The princess, you have to take care of her! Do ya hear me?

Laugh it up, fuzz-ball.

Who's scruffy- looking?

[Leia Organa: I love you.] I know.

Never tell me the odds!

You slimy, double-crossing, no-good swindler. You've got a lot of guts coming here, after what you pulled.