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C-3PO: [confused] As a matter of fact, I'm not even sure what planet I'm on.
Luke Skywalker: Well, if there's a bright center of the universe, you're on the planet that it's farthest from.

Luke Skywalker: No, my father didn't fight in the wars. He was a navigator on a spice freighter.
Ben Kenobi: That's what your uncle told you. He didn't hold with your father's ideals. Thought he should have stayed here and not gotten involved.
Luke Skywalker: You fought in the Clone Wars?
Ben Kenobi: Yes, I was once a Jedi Knight the same as your father.
Luke Skywalker: I wish I'd known him.
Ben Kenobi: He was the best starpilot in the galaxy, and a cunning warrior. I understand you've become quite a good pilot yourself. And he was a good friend. Which reminds me, I have something here for you. You father wanted you to have this when you were old enough, but your uncle wouldn't allow it. He feared you might follow old Obi-Wan on some damn fool idealistic crusade like your father did.
C-3PO: Sir, if you'll not be needing me, I'll close down for awhile.
Luke Skywalker: Sure, go ahead.
[C-3PO shuts down.]
Luke Skywalker: [to Ben] What is it?
Ben Kenobi: Your father's lightsaber. [He turns it on and hands it to Luke, who begins swinging it around while Ben continues.] This is the weapon of a Jedi Knight. Not as clumsy or random as a blaster. An elegant weapon, for a more civilized age. For over a thousand generations, the Jedi Knights were guardians of peace and justice in the Old Republic. Before the dark times. Before the Empire.
Luke Skywalker: [turns off the lightsaber] How did my father die?
Ben Kenobi: A young Jedi named Darth Vader, who was a pupil of mine until he turned to evil, helped the Empire hunt down and destroy the Jedi Knights. He betrayed and murdered your father. Now the Jedi are all but extinct. Vader was seduced by the dark side of the Force.
Luke Skywalker: The Force?
Ben Kenobi: The Force is what gives a Jedi his powers. It's an energy field created by all living things. It surrounds us, penetrates us, it binds the galaxy together. [to R2-D2] Now, let's see if we can't figure out who you are, my little friend. And where you come from.
Luke Skywalker: I saw part of the message he was—
[R2-D2 abruptly begins playing Leia's holographic message]
Ben Kenobi: I seem to have found it.
Princess Leia Organa: [in a hologram message] General Kenobi. Years ago, you served my father in the Clone Wars. Now he begs you to help him in his struggle against the Empire. I regret that I am unable to present my father's request to you in person, but my ship has fallen under attack and I'm afraid my mission to bring you to Alderaan has failed. I have placed information vital to the survival of the Rebellion into the memory systems of this R2 unit. My father will know how to retrieve it. You must see this droid safely delivered to him in Alderaan. This is our most desperate hour. Help me, Obi-Wan Kenobi. You're my only hope. [looks to the side quickly, then crouches to end the message]
Ben Kenobi: [to Luke] You must learn the ways of the Force if you're to come with me to Alderaan.
Luke Skywalker: Alderaan? I'm not going to Alderaan. I've got to go home. It's late, I'm in for it as it is.
Ben Kenobi: I need your help, Luke. She needs your help. I'm getting too old for this sort of thing.
Luke Skywalker: I can't get involved! I've got work to do! It's not that I like the Empire, I hate it, but there's nothing I can do about it right now. It's such a long way from here.
Ben Kenobi: That's your uncle talking.
Luke Skywalker: Oh God, my uncle. How am I ever gonna explain this?
Ben Kenobi: [pleading] Learn about the Force, Luke.
Luke Skywalker: Look, I can take you as far as Anchorhead. You can get a transport there to Mos Eisley or wherever you're going.
Ben Kenobi: [resigned] You must do what you feel is right, of course.

General Tagge: Until this battle station is fully operational, we are vulnerable. The Rebel Alliance is too well equipped! They're more dangerous than you realize.
Admiral Motti: Dangerous to your starfleet, Commander, not to this battle station.
General Tagge: The Rebellion will continue to gain support in the Imperial Senate--
Grand Moff Tarkin: [walking in with Darth Vader] The Imperial Senate will no longer be of any concern to us. I have just received word that the Emperor has dissolved the Council permanently. The last remnants of the Old Republic have been swept away.
General Tagge: That's impossible! How will the Emperor maintain control without the bureaucracy?
Grand Moff Tarkin: The regional governors now have direct control over their territories. Fear will keep the local systems in line. Fear of this battle station.
General Tagge: And what of the Rebellion? If the Rebels have obtained a complete technical readout of this station, it is possible, however unlikely, that they might find a weakness and exploit it.
Darth Vader: The plans you refer to will soon be back in our hands.
Admiral Motti: Any attack made by the Rebels against this station would be a useless gesture, no matter what technical data they've obtained. This station is now the ultimate power in the universe! I suggest we use it.
Darth Vader: Don't be too proud of this technological terror you've constructed. The ability to destroy a planet is insignificant next to the power of the Force.
Admiral Motti: Don't try to frighten us with your sorcerer's ways, Lord Vader. [Vader walks toward Motti, then slowly raises his hand] Your sad devotion to that ancient religion has not helped you conjure up the stolen data tapes, [begins to sound strained] or given you clairvoyance enough to find the Rebels' hidden fort— [grasps his throat as if he is being choked]
Darth Vader: I find your lack of faith disturbing.
Grand Moff Tarkin: Enough of this. Vader, release him!
Darth Vader: As you wish. [drops his hand, and Motti staggers back to table]
Grand Moff Tarkin: This bickering is pointless. Now Lord Vader will provide us with the location of the hidden Rebel fortress. We will then crush the Rebellion with one swift stroke.

Luke Skywalker: It looks like Sandpeople did this, all right. Look, here are Gaffi sticks, Bantha tracks. It's just I never heard of them hitting anything this big before.
Ben Kenobi: They didn't. But we are meant to think they did. These tracks are side by side. Sandpeople always ride single file to hide their numbers.
Luke Skywalker: These are the same Jawas that sold us R2 and 3PO.
Ben Kenobi: And these blast points, too accurate for Sandpeople. Only Imperial stormtroopers are so precise.
Luke Skywalker: But why would Imperial troops slaughter Jawas? If they traced the droids here, they may have learned who they sold them to and that would lead them back... [suddenly worried] home! [runs for the speeder]
Ben Kenobi: Luke! Wait! It's too dangerous!
[Luke boards the speeder and takes off]

[Luke, Ben and the droids are entering Mos Eisley and are stopped by Imperial stormtroopers.]
Sandtrooper: How long have you had these droids?
Luke Skywalker: About three or four seasons.
Ben Kenobi: They're for sale if you want them.
Sandtrooper: Let me see your identification.
Ben Kenobi: (waving his hand slowly) You don't need to see his identification.
Sandtrooper: [pauses] We don't need to see his identification.
Ben Kenobi: These aren't the droids you're looking for.
Sandtrooper: These aren't the droids we're looking for.
Ben Kenobi: He can go about his business.
Sandtrooper: You can go about your business.
Ben Kenobi: Move along.
Sandtrooper: [gesturing] Move along! Move along!
[The group enters the spaceport and parks near the cantina.]
Luke Skywalker: I can't understand how we got past those troops. I thought we were dead!
Ben Kenobi: The Force can have a strong influence on the weak-minded.

Han Solo: Han Solo. I'm captain of the Millennium Falcon. Chewie says you're looking for a passage to the Alderaan system.
Ben Kenobi: Yes indeed, if it's a fast ship.
Han Solo: Fast ship? You've never heard of the Millennium Falcon?
Ben Kenobi: No. Should I have?
Han Solo: It's the ship that made the Kessel Run in less than twelve parsecs. I've outrun Imperial starships, not the local bulk-cruisers, mind you. I'm talking about the big Corellian ships now. She's fast enough for you, old man. What's the cargo?
Ben Kenobi: Only passengers. Myself, the boy, two droids, [seriously] and no questions asked.
Han Solo: What is it, some kind of local trouble?
Ben Kenobi: Let's just say we'd like to avoid any Imperial entanglements.
Han Solo: Well that's the real trick, isn't it? And it's gonna cost you extra. Ten thousand, all in advance.
Luke Skywalker: [shocked] Ten thousand!? We could almost buy our own ship for that!
Han Solo: But who's gonna fly it, kid? You?
Luke Skywalker: You bet I could! I'm not such a bad pilot myself. C'mon, we don't have to sit here and— [Ben calms down Luke]
Ben Kenobi: We'll pay you two thousand now, plus fifteen when we reach Alderaan.
Han Solo: Seventeen? [Ben nods] Okay, you guys got yourselves a ship. We'll be ready when you are. Docking Bay 94.
Ben Kenobi: 94.
[Ben and Luke leave the cantina]
Ben Kenobi: You'll have to sell your speeder.
Luke Skywalker: That's okay. I'm never coming back to this planet again.

[The Millenium Falcon is speeding away from Tatooine, being chased by Imperial cruisers]
Han Solo: Stay sharp! There are two more coming in. They're going to try to cut us off.
Luke Skywalker: Why don't you outrun them? I thought you said this thing was fast!
Han Solo: Watch your mouth, kid, or you'll find yourself floating home! We'll be safe once we make the jump to hyperspace. Besides, I know a few maneuvers. We'll lose them. This is where the fun begins.
Ben Kenobi: How long before you make the jump to lightspeed?
Han Solo: It'll take a few moments to get the coordinates from the navicomputer.
Luke Skywalker: [frantic] Are you kidding? At the rate they're gaining—
Han Solo: Traveling through hyperspace ain't like dusting crops, boy! Without precise calculations we could fly right through a star or bounce too close to a supernova and that'd end your trip real quick, wouldn't it?
Luke Skywalker: [points to an alarm on the control panel] What's that flashing?
Han Solo: We're losing our deflector shield! Go strap yourself in, I'm going to make the jump to light speed.

[R2-D2 is playing a chess-like game against Chewbacca, who roars after one of his creatures is defeated.]
C-3PO: He made a perfectly legal move.
Han Solo: Let him have it. It's not wise to upset a Wookiee.
C-3PO: But sir, nobody worries about upsetting a droid.
Han Solo: That's 'cause a droid don't pull people's arms out of their sockets when they lose. Wookiees have been known to do that.
[Chewbacca leans back with his hands folded behind his head, for effect.]
C-3PO: [considering] I see your point, sir. I suggest a new strategy, R2. Let the Wookiee win.

[Luke is training with his lightsaber and a laser remote aboard the Millenium Falcon.]
Ben Kenobi: Remember, a Jedi can feel the Force flowing through him.
Luke Skywalker: You mean it controls your actions?
Ben Kenobi: Partially, but it also obeys your commands.
[Luke gets shot by the remote.]
Han Solo: [laughs] Hokey religions and ancient weapons are no match for a good blaster at your side, kid.
Luke Skywalker: You don't believe in the Force, do you?
Han Solo: Kid, I've flown from one side of this galaxy to the other. I've seen a lot of strange stuff, but I've never seen anything to make me believe there's one all-powerful Force controlling everything. There's no mystical energy field that controls my destiny. It's all a lot of simple tricks and nonsense.
Ben Kenobi: [gets up and takes a blast helmet] I suggest you try it again, Luke. This time, let go your conscious self and act on instinct. [puts the helmet on Luke, which covers his eyes]
Luke Skywalker: But with the blast shield down, I can't even see! How am I supposed to fight?
Ben Kenobi: Your eyes can deceive you. Don't trust them.

Luke Skywalker: [Getting out of a hole in the Falcon's floor] It's lucky you had these things.
Han Solo: These are for smuggling, but I never thought I'd be smuggling myself. This is ridiculous. Even if I could take off, I'd never get past the tractor beam.
Ben Kenobi: Leave that to me.
Han Solo: Damn fool, I knew you were going to say that.
Ben Kenobi: Who's more foolish? The fool, or the fool who follows him?

Han Solo: This is not gonna work.
Luke Skywalker: Why didn't you say so before?
Han Solo: I did say so before!

[Han, Luke and Chewbacca have just decimated the Imperial troops in the detention block.]
Intercom: What's going on down there? Come in!
Han Solo: Uh, everything is under control. Situation normal.
Intercom: What happened?
Han Solo: [flustered] Uh, had a slight weapons malfunction. But, uh, everything's perfectly all right now. We're fine. We're all fine here, now, thank you. How are you?
Intercom: We're sending a squad up.
Han Solo: Uh, uh, negative, negative. We had a reactor leak here now. Give us a few minutes to lock it down. Large leak... very dangerous.
Intercom: Who is this?? What's your operating number?
Han Solo: Uh... [shoots the intercom] Boring conversation anyway. Luke, we're gonna have company!

Princess Leia Organa: This is some rescue! You came in here, and you didn't have a plan for getting out?
Han Solo: He's the brains, sweetheart!
Luke Skywalker: Well, why don't you—
[Leia grabs Luke's blaster and begins shooting at storm troopers]
Han Solo: What the hell are you doing!?
Princess Leia Organa: Somebody has to save our skins! [blasting a hole into a nearby grating] Into the garbage chute, flyboy!

Han Solo: If we just avoid any more female advice, we ought to be able to get out of here.
Luke Skywalker: Well, let's get moving.
Princess Leia Organa: Listen, I don't know who you are, or where you came from, but from now on, you do as I tell you. Okay?
Han Solo: Look, Your Worshipful-ness, let's get one thing straight. I take orders from just one person: me!
Princess Leia Organa: Then it's a wonder you're still alive. [about Chewbacca] Will somebody get this big walking carpet out of my way?
Han Solo: [to himself] No reward is worth this!

Luke Skywalker: Whoop! I think we took a wrong turn.
[Stormtroopers blast at Luke and Leia. Leia shuts the door.]
Princess Leia Organa: There's no lock!
[Luke blasts the control panel]
Luke Skywalker: That oughta hold them for a while.
Princess Leia Organa: Quick! You've got to get across. Find the controls that extend the bridge.
Luke Skywalker: I think I just blasted it.
Princess Leia Organa: They're coming through!