Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones

Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones quotes

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Anakin Skywalker
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Jango Fett
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Master Yoda
Nute Gunray
Obi-Wan Kenobi

Master Kenobi, you disappoint me. Yoda holds you in such high esteem. Surely you can do better!

You did well lord tyranus. The clone wars has just begun.

Attachment is forbidden. Possession is forbidden. Compassion, which I would define as...unconditional essential to a Jedi's life. So, you might say that we are encouraged to love.

From the moment I met you, all those years ago, not a day has gone by when I haven't thought of you. And now that I'm with you again...I'm in agony. The closer I get to you, the worse it gets. The thought of not being with you—I can't breathe. I'm haunted by the kiss that you should never have given me. My heart is beating...hoping that kiss will not become a scar. You are in my very soul, tormenting me...what can I do? I will do anything you ask. [pause] If you are suffering as much as I am, please, tell me.

Elan Sleazebaggano: Wanna buy some death sticks?
Obi-Wan Kenobi: [using a Jedi Mind trick] You don't want to sell me death sticks.
Elan Sleazebaggano: I don't wanna sell you death sticks.
Obi-Wan Kenobi: You want to go home and re-think your life.
Elan Sleazebaggano: I wanna go home and re-think my life... [leaves]

For a mechanic, you seem to do an excessive amount of thinking.

Oh! Have you no sense at all? Idiot!

(on seeing droid factory) Oh my goodness, shut me down! Machines making machines. How perverse.

I wonder what happened to poor little R2? He's always getting himself into trouble you know. (his head gets whacked off by a piece of machinery) OH NO!

(after having his head put onto a battle droid's body) Oh, I'm so confused!

(As the droid his head's stuck on marches into the arena) What's all this noise? A-a battle! Oh no, there's been some terrible mistake; i'm programmed for ettique, not destruction!

DIE, JEDI DOGS-- Oh, what did I say?!

Oh, I'm terribly sorry about this!

(on having a super battle droid lying on him) Excuse me? I'm trapped, I can't get up.

(as R2 drags his head across the arena) Now where are you taking me? Oh, this is such a drag.