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Darth Sidious: And Queen Amidala, has she signed the treaty?
Nute Gunray: She has... disappeared, my lord. One Naboo cruiser got past the blockade.
Darth Sidious: [snarls] I want that treaty signed!
Nute Gunray: M-my lord, it-it's impossible to locate the ship. It's out of our range.
Darth Sidious: Not for a Sith. This is my apprentice, Darth Maul. He will find your lost ship.
Nute Gunray: This is getting out of hand! Now there are two of them!
Rune Haako: We should have not made this bargain.

Anakin Skywalker: Are you an angel?
Queen Amidala: What?
Anakin Skywalker: An angel. I've heard the deep space pilots talk about them. They're the most beautiful creatures in the universe. They live on the moon of Iego, I think.
Queen Amidala: You're a funny little boy. How do you know so much?
Anakin Skywalker: I listen to all the traders and star pilots who came through here. I'm a pilot, you know, and someday I'm going to fly away from this place.
Queen Amidala: You're a pilot?
Anakin Skywalker: Mmhm. All my life.
Queen Amidala: How long have you been here?
Anakin Skywalker: Since I was very little, three, I think. My Mom and I were sold to Gardola the Hutt, but he lost us betting on the pod races.
Queen Amidala: You're a slave?
Anakin Skywalker: I'm a person and my name is Anakin.

Anakin Skywalker: You're a Jedi Knight, aren't you?
Qui-Gon Jinn: What makes you think that?
Anakin Skywalker: I saw your laser sword. Only Jedi carry that kind of weapon.
Qui-Gon Jinn: Perhaps I killed a Jedi and took it from him.
Anakin Skywalker: I don't think so. No one can kill a Jedi.
Qui-Gon Jinn: I wish that were so.

Master Yoda: Master Qui-Gon. More to say, have you?
Qui-Gon Jinn: With your permission, my master, I have encountered a vergence in the Force.
Master Yoda: A vergence, you say?
Mace Windu: Located around a person?
Qui-Gon Jinn: A boy. His cells have the highest concetration of midi-chlorians I have seen in a life-form. It was possible he was concieved by the midi-chlorians.
Mace Windu: You refer to the prophecy of The One who will bring balance to the Force. You believe it's this boy?

Chancellor Valorum: The chair recognizes the senator from the sovereign system of Naboo.
Senator Palpatine: Supreme Chancellor, delegates of the senate, a tragedy has occurred... which started right here with the taxation of trade routes... and has now engulfed our entire planet... in the oppression of the Trade Federation.
Senator Dod: This is outrageous! I object to the senator's statements!
Chancellor Valorum: The chair does not recognize the senator from the Trade Federation at this time.
Senator Palpatine: To state our allegations, I present Queen Amidala, recently elected ruler of the Naboo, who speaks on our behalf.
Queen Amidala: Honourable representatives of the Republic, I come to you under the gravest of circumstances. The Naboo system has been invaded by the droid armies of the Trade -- [interrupted by Senator Dod]
Senator Dod: I object! There is no proof! This is incredible. We recommend a commission be sent to Naboo to ascertain the truth.
Senator Teem: The Congress of Malastare concurs with the honourable delegate from the Trade Federation. A commission must be appointed.
Chancellor Valorum: The point -- [interrupted by the bureaucrat]
Bureaucrat: Excuse me, Chancellor. [whispers to Chancellor Valorum]
Senator Palpatine: [Whispers to Queen Amidala] Enter the bureaucrat. The true rulers of the Republic, and on the payroll of the Trade Federation, I might add. This is where Chancellor Valorum's strength will disappear.
Chancellor Valorum: The point is conceded. Will you defer your motion to allow a commission to explore the validity of your accusations?
Queen Amidala: I will not defer. I've come before you to resolve this attack on our sovereignty now. I was not elected to watch my people suffer and die while you discuss this invasion in a committee! If this body is not capable of action, I suggest new leadership is needed. I move for a vote of no confidence in Chancellor Valorum's leadership!
Senators: [Chanting] Vote now, vote now...!
Senator Palpatine: Now they will elect a new Chancellor, a strong Chancellor, one who will not let our tragedy continue.

Master Yoda: How feel you?
Anakin Skywalker: Cold, sir.
Master Yoda: Afraid, are you?
Anakin Skywalker: No, sir.
Master Yoda: See through you, we can.
Mace Windu: Be mindful of your feelings.
Ki-Adi-Mundi: Your thoughts dwell on your mother.
Anakin Skywalker: I miss her.
Master Yoda: Afraid to lose her, I think, hmm?
Anakin Skywalker: What has that got to do with anything?
Master Yoda: Everything! Fear is the path to the Dark Side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering. I sense much fear in you.

Ki-Adi-Mundi: The Force is strong with him.
Qui-Gon Jinn: He's to be trained, then.
Mace Windu: No. He will not be trained.
Qui-Gon Jinn: No?!
Mace Windu: He is too old.
Qui-Gon Jinn: He is the Chosen One! You must see it!
Master Yoda: Hmmm. Clouded, this boy's future is.
Qui-Gon Jinn: I will train him, then. I take Anakin as my Padawan learner.
Master Yoda: An apprentice, you have, Qui-Gon. Impossible, to take on a second.
Mace Windu: The code forbids it.
Qui-Gon Jinn: Obi-Wan is ready--
Obi-Wan Kenobi: I am ready to face the trials.
Master Yoda: Our own council, we will keep, on who is ready.
Qui-Gon Jinn: He is headstrong and he has much to learn about the living Force, but he is capable. There is little more he will learn from me.
Master Yoda: Young Skywalker's fate will be decided later.
Mace Windu: Now is not the time for this. The Senate is voting for a new Supreme Chancellor and Queen Amidala is returning home, which will put pressure on the Federation and could widen the confrontation.
Ki-Adi-Mundi: And draw out the Queen's attacker.
Mace Windu: Go with the Queen to Naboo and discover the identity of the dark warrior. This is the clue we need to unravel this mystery of the Sith.
Master Yoda: May the Force be with you.

Master Yoda: Confer on you the level of Jedi Knight, the Council does. But agree on you taking this boy as your Padawan learner, I do not.
Obi-Wan Kenobi: Qui-Gon believed in him.
Master Yoda: The Chosen One, the boy may be. Nevertheless, grave danger I fear in his training.
Obi-Wan Kenobi: Master Yoda, I gave Qui-Gon my word. I will train Anakin. Without the approval of the Council if I must.
Master Yoda: Qui-Gon's defiance, I sense in you. Need that, you do not. Agree, the council does. Your apprentice, Skywalker will be.

Anakin Skywalker: What will happen to me now?
Obi-Wan Kenobi: The council has granted me to train you. You will be a Jedi. I promise.

Beware, Viceroy. The Federation has gone too far this time.

I will sign no treaty, Senator. My fate will be no different from that of my people.

I ask you to help us... No, I beg you to help us. We are your humble servants. Our fate is in your hands.

Ex-squeeze me, but the mostest safest place would be Gunga City. 'Tis where I grew up. 'Tis a hidden city.

Hmm... yousa point is well seen. Dis way, hurry!

Yousa should follow me now, okeeday? My warning yous: Gungans no like outsiders. Don't 'spect a warm welcome.