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Willard Decker: Captain, Voyager 6 disappeared into what they used to call a black hole.
James T. Kirk: It must have emerged on the far side of the galaxy... and fell into the machine planet's gravitational field.
Spock: The machine inhabitants found it to be one of their own kind-- primitive, yet kindred. They discovered its simple 20th-century programming-- collect all data possible.
Willard Decker: Learn all that is learnable. Return that information to its creator.
Spock: Precisely, Mr. Decker. The machines interpreted it literally. They build this entire vessel... so that Voyager could actually fulfill its programming.
James T. Kirk: And on its journey back, it amassed so much knowledge... it achieved consciousness itself. It became a living thing.

Spock: V'Ger must evolve. Its knowledge has reached the limits of this universe, and it must evolve. What it requires of its god, Doctor, is the answer to its question -- Is there nothing more?
Leonard McCoy: What more is there than the universe, Spock?
Willard Decker: Other dimensions. Higher levels of being.
Spock: The existence of which cannot be proven logically. Therefore, V'Ger is incapable of believing in them.
James T. Kirk: What V'Ger needs in order to evolve... is a human quality-- our capacity to leap beyond logic.
Willard Decker: And joining with its creator might accomplish that.
Leonard McCoy: You mean this machine wants to physically join with a human? Is that possible?
Willard Decker: Let's find out.

James T. Kirk: Decker.
Willard Decker: I'm gonna key the final sequence through the ground test computer.
Leonard McCoy: Decker! You don't know what that'll do to you!
Willard Decker: Yes, I do, Doctor.
James T. Kirk: Decker, don't.
Willard Decker: Jim, I want this. As much as you wanted the Enterprise, I want this.

James T. Kirk: Spock, did we just see the beginning of a new life-form?
Spock: Yes, Captain. We witnessed a birth. Possibly a next step in our evolution.
James T. Kirk: I wonder.
Leonard McCoy: Well, it's been a long time since I delivered a baby. And I hope we got this one off to a good start.
James T. Kirk: I hope so too. I think we gave it the ability to create its own sense of purpose... out of our own human weaknesses... and the drive that compels us to overcome them.
Leonard McCoy: And a lot of foolish human emotions. Right, Mr. Spock?
Spock: Quite true, Doctor. Unfortunately, It will have to deal with them as well.

James T. Kirk: Mr. Sulu, ahead warp one.
Hikaru Sulu: Warp one, sir.
Chief DiFalco: Heading, sir?
James T. Kirk: Out there. Thataway. [last lines]