Admiral Matthew Dougherty: We're taking this ship out of here. This mission is over.
Adhar Ru'afo: It is not over.
Admiral Matthew Dougherty: It is over!
[Ru'afo punches Dougherty and throws him onto a chair.]
Adhar Ru'afo: I do not take orders from you!
[Ru'afo jumps down and grabs Dougherty then forces him head-first into a cabinet, then onto a bed]
Admiral Matthew Dougherty: If you launch the injector while the planet's still populated, the Federation will pursue you until--
Adhar Ru'afo: The Federation... [forces two curved bars together and they bend down next to Dougherty's head] will never know what happened here.
[Ru'afo activates the device, causing the skin on Dougherty's face to stretch over his head. Ru'afo watches the admiral die and heads for the bridge]
Ru'afo: [To bridge officers] The admiral will not be joining us for dinner.
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