Star Trek III: The Search for Spock

Star Trek III: The Search for Spock quotes

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[James, while kicking Kruge off of the cliff's edge]
James T. Kirk: I... have had ENOUGH... of YOU!
[Kruge falls screaming into the lavascape below]

Spock: My father says that you have been my friend. You came back for me.
James T. Kirk: You would have done the same for me.
Spock: Why would you do this?
James T. Kirk: Because the needs of the one... outweigh the needs of the many.
Spock: (Spock begins to remember) I have been and ever shall be your friend.
James T. Kirk: Yes. Yes, Spock.
Spock: The ship .... out of danger?
James T. Kirk: You saved the ship. You saved us all. Don't you remember?
Spock: Jim .... your name is Jim.
James T. Kirk: Yes. [last lines]

...and the Adventure continues... [Closing text.]