William Fawcett Robinson: [about Richard] I must admit. He was somewhat more charming than other that we've encountered in the past, you and I. A trifle more sincere, perhaps.
Elise McKenna: Then he wasn't the one that you spoke of?
William Fawcett Robinson: No, he's not.
Elise McKenna: Then you were wrong about him, weren't you? You're wrong. I love him, and he's going to make me very happy. Do you understand that, William? I love him.
William Fawcett Robinson: What difference... can that make now? He's gone.
Elise McKenna: [coldly] I'll find him, William. Don't you dare try to stop me. Now, if you will excuse me while I change.
William Fawcett Robinson: Of course. May I remind you... that we leave within the hour? [leaves her dressing room]
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