Frank/Obituary writer: Here's another one here, Native San Franciscan, plumber, Elliot, Ralph. Moved to Dallas, dissappeared four months ago. Body was found in a sewer.
Newspaper reporter: Well, guy takes his job too seriously, life goes down the drain. Haha.
Charlie Mackenzie: Did they mention anything about his wife?
Newspaper reporter: Alright, okay. Look, I know that we're talking about real people so I'm sorry.
Charlie Mackenzie: No, no. I'm serious, did they mention the wife?
Newspaper reporter: No, look, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to make a joke about other people's lives.
Charlie Mackenzie: No, no. I'm really serious. Did they mention the wife? I just want to know about the wife.
Newspaper reporter: Hey, hey! You win, you win, okay? I'm a bad person!
Frank/Obituary writer: Hey, c'mon take it easy, will ya?
Newspaper reporter: No, he's saying I'm a bad person and that I'm insensitive. He's saying I'm a shit.
Frank/Obituary writer: He's not saying you're a shit!
Charlie Mackenzie: Did they-did they mention the wife?!
Newspaper reporter: No! No! They didn't mention the wife! Ya happy?! Yeah! Oh hoo, yes, yes. I'm insensitive! I'm a very insensitive man! Stop your job, look at the insensitive man! That's what they're paying you for!
Frank/Obituary writer: [to Charlie] He was my ride home.
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