Avi: Tony.
Bullet Tooth Tony: What?
Avi: Look in the dog.
Bullet Tooth Tony: What you mean, 'Look in the dog'?
Avi: I mean, open him up.
Bullet Tooth Tony: It's not a ****ing tin of baked beans! What do you mean 'open him up'?!
Avi: You know what I mean.
Bullet Tooth Tony: [Appalled] That's a bit strong, ain't it. I don't know about this.[hesitated, but gets the dog anyway, ready with a blade]
Vinny:[speaks in disbelief]No, you can't do this.
[the squeaky toy in the dog makes the dog squeak when he's barking]
Bullet Tooth Tony: It's ****ing squeaking!!
Avi: You never heard a dog squeak before? Gimme the goddamn gun!!
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