Bullet Tooth Tony: Avi? Where's the case?
Avi: [on the floor face-down] Put the gun away.
Bullet Tooth Tony: What's Boris doing here? Boris, what are you doing here?
Boris: **** you!
[Tony shoots him twice, then goes over to Tyrone]
Bullet Tooth Tony: Where's the case?
Boris:[groans] You piece of crap...
Bullet Tooth Tony: Don't take the piss, Boris.
Boris: I'll show you... now...!
[Tony shoots him four more times]
Boris: **** You!
[Tony shoots him again]
Boris: Almost had it.
Bullet Tooth Tony: For ****'s sake...
[Takes careful aim and shoots Boris one more time; looks down at Tyrone]
Bullet Tooth Tony: [Contempt] **** you, an' all.
[Casually pulls the trigger, only to learn that he has run out of ammunition]
Bullet Tooth Tony: [Exasperated] You lucky bastard!
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