[Having blundered into Avi, holding him up at gunpoint]
Vinny: Give me the case or I'll shoot you.
Avi: [Contemptful and fed-up] **** you. Shoot me.
Vinny: I will! I'll shoot you!
[Vinny and Sol fumble with their guns; Tony, hearing the shouting, approaches from another room. Boris enters, brandishing an assault rifle]
Boris: Give me case, or I shoot you.
Avi: You know what? **** you too. Go ahead and shoot me, you'd be doin' me a favor, you wretched ****! Go ahead!
Boris: [to Vinny and Sol] You! Drop guns!
Vinny: [to Boris] **** you! You drop the gun!
Boris: [takes aim] Okay...
Bullet Tooth Tony: [from another room] Avi? Pull your socks up!
[Avi, Vinny, Sol and Tyrone stare at one another, then fall to the floor. Tony shoots through the wall and into the room, wounding Boris]
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