Bullet Tooth Tony: Alright Mullet?
[Mullet freezes in shock, then turns around] Mullet: Hey Tony! How you doin' mate, alright?
Bullet Tooth Tony: Ooh, nice tie.
Mullet: I heard you werent about much these days, Tony
Bullet Tooth Tony: What do you know? Still warm, the blood that courses through my veins.Unlike yours, Mullet.
Mullet: Do me a favor Tone..
Bullet Tooth Tony: I will do you a favor, Mullet.I'll not get out of the car and bash the living **** out of you in front of your girlfriends.
Mullet: Got to make it worth my while, Mate.Jesus Tony, you know that.
[Tony grabs Mullets tie and rolls up the window, wedging Mullets head in it] Bullet Tooth Tony: Comfortable, Mullet? It seems sadly ironic that it's that tie that got you into this pickle.Now, you just take all the time you want.
Mullet: What the **** you doing Tone?!
Bullet Tooth Tony: Driving down the street with your head stuck in my window. What do you think I'm doing, you pinarse?
Mullet: Slow down, Tone!
Bullet Tooth Tony: You been using dog shit for toothpaste, Mullet?
Mullet: Slow down Tone. Slow down Tony!
Bullet Tooth Tony: Don't think I'll slow down. I think I'll speed up. [starts to accelerate]
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