[After the wheels have fallen off the caravan that Tommy and George have just bought from Mickey]
Mickey: The deal was you bought it like you saw it. Hey, look, I've helped you as much as I'm going to help you. See that car? Just use it, for you're not welcome anymore. You should **** off now while you still got the legs to carry you.
Gorgeous George: Nobody...
Mickey: Nobody brings a fella the size of you unless they're trying to say something without talking, right?
Tommy: Sorry, Mickey. Just give our money back and you can keep the caravan.
Mickey: Why the **** do I want a caravan that's got no ****ing wheels? You want to settle this with a fight?
Mrs. O'Neil: Over my dead body! Now, go on! Go on! I'll not have you fighting, Mickey! You know what happens when you fight.
Mickey: Get her to sit down. [Turns to face Gorgeous George] For ****'s sake! Want the money? I ain't ****ed you. I'll fight you for it. You and me.
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