Sleepy Hollow

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Ichabod Crane
Katrina Anne Van Tassel
Lady Van Tassel

Ichabod Crane: Katrina, why are you in my room?
Katrina Anne Van Tassel: Because it is yours.

It is truth, but truth is not always appearance.

The Horseman comes. And tonight he comes for you.

I think you have no heart. And I had a mind once to give you mine.

You're just in time to have your head cut off.

The easiest part was the first. To enter your home as your mother's sick-nurse and put her body into the grave and mine into the marriage bed.

Villainy wears many masks, none of which so dangerous as virtue...

[after escaping from the burning windmill and the Horseman]
Young Masbath: Is he...dead?
Ichabod Crane: That's the problem. He was dead to begin with.

Good-bye, Ichabod Crane. I curse the day you came to Sleepy Hollow.

Watch your heads.

Yes, I think you loved me that day when you followed me into the Western Woods... to have braved such peril.

Giddy-up ... no, no this way ... good horsey.

[Regarding a spider] Kill it! No, no! Stun it!