Ichabod Crane: And you, sir?
Baltus Van Tassel: A simple farmer who has prospered. The town looks to me as friend and counsel.
Magistrate Samuel Philipse: And landlord. And banker. Can we proceed? Thank you.
Ichabod Crane: So... [Walks by Dr. Lancaster] Three persons murdered. [Walks past Baltus Van Tassel] First, Peter Van Garrett and his son, Dirk Van Garrett. [Walks by Magistrate Philipse] Both of them strong, capable men, found together... [to Reverend Steenwyck] decapitated. One week later, the widow Winship. [To Steenwyck, again] Also, decapitated. Now, I will need to ask you many questions. But first, let me ask: Is anyone suspected?
Baltus Van Tassell:a How much have your superiors explained to you, constable?
Ichabod Crane: Only that the three were slain in open ground. Their heads found severed from their bodies.
Reverend Steenwyck: Their heads were not found severed. Their heads were not found at all.
Ichabod Crane: The heads are... gone?
Notary James Hardenbrook: Taken. Taken by the Headless Horseman. Taken back to hell.
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