Editor Paley: What's going on? They're calling for midtown to evacuate.
Polly Perkins: Listen, Mr. Paley, I don't have time for this. I need you to dig up anything you can about a Dr. Walter Jennings, and someone named Totenkopf. An address, a phone number, anything you can. It's important.
Editor Paley: Quick as you can. Polly, listen to me. I want you to get out of there. I want you to put the phone down, close your notepad and get the hell out of there.
Polly Perkins: [about the robots] Wait a minute. I can see something now coming into sight above the Palisades. They're crossing Sixth Avenue... Fifth Avenue... they're a hundred yards away...
Editor Paley: Polly, Polly!
Polly Perkins: Oh, my God.
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