Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow

Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow quotes

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Joseph Sullivan
Polly Perkins

[repeated line] Good boy, Dex.

This is Sky Captain, I'm on my way.

[to Dex] Is it safe?

Naked... you can say it, Polly.

[to the Mysterious Woman] Why won't you die?

[describing the robot invasion to her editor] They've reached Sixth Avenue. They've reached Fifth Avenue. They're a hundred yards away. Oh, my God.

It's only a movie, Mr Paley. I'll bring you some popcorn.

[seeing a box labeled "dynamite"] Oh, great... we're safe.

[after she unlocks the door at Dr. Jennings' office] It's open.

[while crying after realizing she wasted on of 2 pictures left in the camera] I shot the ground!

Hindenberg Announcer: [first lines] Attention. Please prepare for docking procedure.

Police Sergeant: They've broken through the perimeter. Send reinforcements... send everything you've got!

Captain Francesca Cook: Alert the amphibious squadron!

Dexter Dearborn: Oh, great, we all made up!

Polly Perkins: Doctor, you said you knew who was next.
Dr. Jennings: Yes, well... don't you see it? There is only one left.
Polly Perkins: Who? Who is it, doctor?
Dr. Jennings: Me! He's coming for me.
Polly Perkins: Who? Who's coming?
Dr. Jennings: Totenkopf... it's Totenkopf!