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Can't kill a man unless you know for sure you ought to.

Dozens of them, armed to the teeth. I'm outnumbered, outgunned... but the alley is crooked, dark, and very narrow. They can't surround me. Sometimes you can beat the odds by a careful choice of where to fight...Where to fight counts for a lot, but there's nothing like having your friends show up with lots of guns.

Guess when I shot you in the belly, I aimed a little too high. [Shoots him in the crotch]

He never screams. Not even when the mutt's had its fill. Kevin's guts are lying all over the place and somehow the bastard is still alive still staring at me. Not even when I grab the saw and finish the job, he never screams.

He's dead. He's just too damn dumb to know it.

I didn't have no choice. They were gonna hurt my mom.

I didn't scream, Hartigan. Not once. I didn't scream

I don't have a chance in hell of outrunning this cop. Not in this heap. The only question left is whether I'm gonna kill him or not. Tough call. For all I know, he's an honest cop, regular guy. Working stiff with a mortgage, a wife and a pile of kids.

I don't know about you, but I'm having a ball.[while dragging a man across the road by his face with a car]

I got 'em good for you, didn't I, Goldie?

I know it's pretty damn weird to eat people.

I know you're angry, baby. And I forgive you for that without you even asking me to.

I let him know I'm not fooling around.

I love hitmen. No matter what you do to them, you don't feel bad.

I take his weapons away from him. Both of them.