[Graham flashes back to the night of Colleen's death]
Caroline: Ray's truck swerved off the road, hit Colleen and then a tree, and she was pinned between the two.
Graham: What does that mean, pinned?
Caroline: The truck... the truck has severed most of her lower half.
Graham: What did you say?
Caroline: She won't be saved. Her body is pinned in such a way... that it's alive when it shouldn't be alive. The truck is holding her together. Now she doesn't feel much, and she's talking almost like normal. And we didn't pull the truck out, because we wanted you to come down here and be with her as long as she's awake. And that won't be very long. Father, do you understand what I've told you?
Graham: Caroline. Is this the last time I'm going to speak with my wife?
Caroline: Yes it is.
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