[In the car, Morgan is listening to Bo's old baby monitor, hoping to catch alien signals]
Merrill: Morgan, this crop stuff, it's about a bunch of nerds who never had a girlfriend in their lives. They're like thirty and they work up these little codes together, and they analyze Greek mythology, and make up secret societies where other guys who never had girlfriends before can join in. They do stupid crap like this to feel special. It's a scam. Nerds were doing it 25 years ago, new nerds are doing it again.
Graham: It's just static, Morgan.
[Disturbing noises come from the baby monitor]
Morgan: It's a code.
Bo: Why can't they get girlfriends?
Graham: It's broken, Morgan. It's just gonna keep doing this. Maybe some new batteries...
Morgan: You might lose the signal!
Merrill: This is exactly what the nerds want...
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