Short Circuit

Short Circuit quotes

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Ben Jabituya
Newton Crosby
Stephanie Speck

#5 is alive!

Newton: [Speaking about the robots] It doesn't get sad, it doesn't get happy, Ben and Newton: [In unison] It just runs programs!

Beautiful Stephanie!

Come out here Mr. Scummo!

I am standing here beside myself!

I think we have created another Frankfurter's monster!

Is wrong! Incorrect! Newton Crosby, PhD not know this?

Need input!

No "shit"! Where see "shit"?

No disassemble!

Originally I had non-military purposes in mind. I designed it as a marital aid.

[Speaking to the head guy at Nova] Oh, it's ok, go on, get back to your nuclear warheads.

[To Crosby] Hi Honey! What is for dinner?

[To Stephanie] Bye-bye goofy lady! I had fun repeatedly throwing you to the ground.