Dave: Dr. Kozak, is it true your company is working on a drug that will extend human life like a 100 years?
Dr. Kozak: I am not at liberty to discuss that matter.
Dave: Of course you're not. But if that were true, that would be pretty big deal, right?
Dr. Kozak: If it were true, which it is not, probably.
Dave: Whoever is in charge of developing such a thing, who will not be only insanely wealthy, they will be immortalize in history, right? Ken:We Would Like To Recall Dr.Kozak To The Stand
Dr. Kozak: Yes, I suppose it would.
Dave: Wow. What a thrill it must be to work under Dr. Strictland.
(Dr. Kozak scratches his ear)
Dr. Kozak: Excuse me.
Dave: Dr. Strictland, your creative force of your company, right?
Dr. Kozak: Well, it takes many different people to contribute to the highter blahhh...
Dave: Yes, yes. What an honor it must be to work at Dr. Strictland's shadow.
Dr. Kozak: No, no, I don't work at anyone's shadow. Why would I could live myself?
Dave: Doctor's nothing wrong with second place. Second fiddle? Second bananas? Second up?
Dave: Oh, come on, you gone agitated self-dog pick a little virus in a lab, did you?
Dr. Kozak: It must be something while you're around.
(Dave and Dr. Kozak begin to growl at each other)
Judge Claire Whittaker:Ah No More Growling Mr.Douglas I've Had Enough
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