Dr. Kozak: I'm sorry you're a dog. I am also very sorry that you won't be leaving here alive. People will be wondering where you disappeared to. After all, dogs do wander off.
Dave: (as a dog) I can't believe you think you'll get away with this, Kozak.
Dr. Kozak: Unless before you die, we are going to run some tests on you. Eenie, meenie, minie, cut you, ow, your nose is coming off, because we just don't understand how you turned into him. I'm very excited. I just can't wait to get inside that body of yours and just poke around for...
(Dave bites Dr. Kozak's finger)
Dr. Kozak: Oh, you filthy little mongrul! That wasn't very nice.
Dave: (as a dog) Ooh, that hurt, didn't it?
Dr. Kozak: We have to work on that attitude when I get back. Meanwhile, we run upstairs for a minute. It seems Dr. Strictland is having bit of a healthy crisis. After that on the court, just when Forrester back down to save his skin, we'll cut you like a birthday cake later.
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