Dr.Strictland:Are You Gonna Be A Good Dog This Time Gwen: He's going to shock. It's the serum. It doesn't work.
Dr. Kozak: Of course it works, just couldn't give it to him.
Dave: (as a dog) What have you done to him?
Dr. Kozak: Lance? Lance, I'm so sorry that I have to do this to yo but I just couldn't let you take all of the credit again. Plus, you're a pig and I hate you. I hate you in so many ways. Would you hold this for a second? Get rid of it, accomplice.Dave:You Bit Me On Purpose You Bit Me Cause You Knew Who I Was
Gwen: But, is he dead?
Dr. Kozak: No, he's not dead. Just fully conscious but unable to speak. The doctors will think he's dementia. The drug itself will wear off in a few months. By then, I'll be CEO. I'll be famously, insanely, and imaginably wealthy.
Larry: This was not part of the plan!
Gwen: It's totally wrong.
Dr. Kozak: Of course you cut those if you're not sure.
Larry: Hold on.
Gwen: It's fine with me.
Dr. Kozak: Good. Larry, you park him in his desk for me. Or, should I say my desk?
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