Tracy: Football? That's why you're not trying out? You hate football!
Josh: I know, but my dad loves. You should hear him. "Oh, you're gonna be just like your own man." If I told him I want to do musical instead, he'll like rape me off as a son.
Tracy: Josh, is your father a stupid man?
Josh: He is clueless, which in some ways is better.
Dave: (as a dog) Oh boy.
Josh: See, he told me I can play if I only keep my grades so I start flunking Math but he let me off with a warning. So now, I gotta flunk English, History, and Home Ec. Those are not really hard to fail.
Dave: (as a dog) Oh no, Josh...
Tracy: So you rather wreck your future than tell your dad you hate football.
Josh: I can get my grades back up as long as he givrs me qutting time.
Tracy: Wow. Men are so complicated.
(Tracy leaves)
Dave: How did I let this happened? I'm not a father anymore.
Judge Whittaker:You Get Over Here Dont You Dare Turn My Courtroom Into A Barn
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