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Beverly Sutphin

Detective: Proceed with caution; she is armed. And ****in' nuts!

Beverly: Mrs. Hinkle, do you drink?
Dottie Hinkle: No, I don't.
Beverly: So you weren't drunk when you received those alleged obscene phone calls?
Dottie Hinkle: I certainly was not.
Beverly: You mean to tell me the day I came over to Mrs. Ackerman's, the day you claim you recognized my voice, you weren't drinking?
Dottie Hinkle: One beer with lunch is hardly drinking.
Beverly: So you do drink?
Dottie Hinkle: Socially. I'll have a beer.
Beverly: So you admit you just lied?
Dottie Hinkle: No I don't, you bitch!
Judge: Watch your mouth, Mrs. Hinkle.
[Beverly whispers "**** you" to Dottie]
Dottie Hinkle: Did you see her?! She just said "**** you" to me!
Beverly: Let the record show I'm merely standing here!
Dottie Hinkle: **** you too, you whore!
Judge: I'm warning you, Mrs. Hinkle. One more obscenity and I'll charge you with contempt of court.
Beverly: Mrs. Hinkle, are you insane?
Dottie Hinkle: No I'm not, you mother ****er!

Officer, I'm sorry, but we don't allow gum in this house.

Life doesn't have to be ugly. Look at the birds out there; listen to their call. [makes bird noises] Wee, wee, wee, wee.

[after murdering someone] I don't know what it is about today but I feel great!

Are those... pussy willows?

[after bludgeoning Mrs. Jenson] Rewind!

Suzanne! This is my bad side!

Eugene Sutphin: [during sex with Beverly] Oh honey, you are hot tonight!

Chip Sutphin: [in response to Misty telling the family about her new love interest] You sure can pick 'em.

Misty Sutphin: Chip! Our mother is Charles Manson!

Ralph Sterner: [while having teeth drilled] Help me Betty! He's worse than the dentist in the Marathon Man!

Marvin Pickles: There was a lady in the men's room, I swear! A pretty little lady, in the stall right next to me!

Police woman: Bingo boys, bust the bitch.

Emma Lou Jenson: [talking to her dog] Come on, lick Mommy's feet. Get 'em all wet!