The Science of Sleep

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St├ęphane Miroux

Are you trying to mock me on the air?

Guy: [after throwing his TV into the canal] It floats!
Stephane: Yeah, it floats.
Guy: Maybe the fish will enjoy that crap.

Would you marry me when we are seventy? You have nothing to lose.

Well in my case the problem is that I don't have a girlfriend. And I'm not dead.

No, I can't speak French with you. I'm too shy. The only thing I can say is: "I like your tit. It erects me in my pants."

This girl is at once all the women that broke my heart. She is so beautiful and generous and she is asking me to leave because she is dumping me. She is dumping me because I am a cheap drug dealer. And I am a drug dealer because she wants to leave me.