[Rigg has opened the door under 90 minutes, killing Det. Matthews and Hoffman]
Art Blank: Oh, you stupid mother****er. What did you do?
Rigg: I had more time! [The clock reads 00:01] I STILL HAD ****ING TIME!
Art Blank: Why did you open that door--?
Rigg: You ****ing did this!
Art Blank: No, you idiot!
Rigg: You ****ing did this!
Art Blank: No! Jigsaw's testing you, you ****ING PIECE OF SHIT! [Reaches into his bag]
Rigg: [Pulls out his gun] Put your ****ing hands where I can see them! PUT YOUR ****ING HANDS WHERE I CAN SEE THEM!!!
Art Blank: JIGSAW'S ****ING TESTING YOU! [Pulls out a tape recorder]
Rigg: DON'T ****ING MOVE!!!
[Rigg mistakes the tape player for a weapon and shoots Art in the head]
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