[At Rigg's SAVE AS I SAVE test]
Lindsey Perez: "Save as I Save." So what did he do, free her and let him die?
Peter Strahm: This guy didn't have a chance. He's got rods going through every major artery in his body. "Your life is in her hands." Rigg didn't kill this guy. His wife did.
Lindsey Perez: She identified Officer Rigg, said he saved her.
Peter Strahm: Saved?
Lindsey Perez: Yeah.
Peter Strahm: She passed Rigg's judgment, got fixed and got her freedom back. [Perez answers her cell phone] Second address? [Perez gives a no gesture.]
Lindsey Perez: [To Peter] I just found out something interesting about the three people in the traps. They were all represented by a lawyer named Art Blank.
Peter Strahm: He got them all off?
Lindsey Perez: Yeah. But wait. It gets better. He's also Jill Tuck's lawyer.
[A forensics man accidentally sets off a harpoon gun]
Peter Strahm: [Pulls Perez out of the way] Look out!
[The harpoon gun misfires and kills a forensic photographer]
Peter Strahm: The lair-- where's the lair?
Lindsey Perez: Raided. It doesn't exist.
Peter Strahm: Jigsaw wanted us to find that place. Where's the new game being played? We find that place, we find Rigg.
Lindsey Perez: We got a second address. There's a co-owner.
Peter Strahm: Who?
Lindsey Perez: Jill Tuck.
Peter Strahm: Jill Tuck? Where's the building?
Lindsey Perez: Here. This building.
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