[Hoffman, Rigg and some other police officers have discoverd Detective Kerry's corpse]
Hoffman: [After Rigg foolishly goes through a door] Are you trying to get yourself killed? You know never to go through an unsecure door. Ever.
Rigg: I thought she was still alive. I thought I could save her. Did you ever think that we would end up here when you first started?
Hoffman: No. I didn't see it happening like this. Why the hell do we still do it?
Rigg: It's in our nature to save them. It's what we do.
Hoffman: Right. [Reading off the wall behind Rigg] "Cherish your life."
Rigg: What?
Hoffman: The ****ing motto. We're supposed to cherish our lives.
Rigg: Well, how the hell are we supposed to do that when this is our lives?
Hoffman: We chose this. Go home.
Man: [Over radio] Hoffman, there are two agents here to see you.
Hoffman: Copy.
Lindsey Perez: Detective Hoffman?
Hoffman: Yes.
Lindsey Perez: I'm special agent Lindsey Perez. This is special agent Peter Strahm.
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