Saw IV

Saw IV quotes

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Art Blank
Detective Hoffman
Eric Matthews
John Kramer/Jigsaw
Peter Strahm

[To Det. Hoffman] We're here to help find who your department couldn't, detective. The person helping Jigsaw and Amanda Young.

[To Jill Tuck] How do you feel about a husband who takes a motto from your drug clinic, designed to help people, and twists it into some kind of manic torture mantra?

[To Morgan] You have to save yourself.

[To Rigg] We chose this. Go home.

[Whilst Brenda is trying to kill him] I just saved your ****ing life!

Don't open the door!

Eric [Matthews] is still out there.

**** you! [Before he attempts to commit suicide by jumping off the block]

Game over.

Hey, asshole. If you jump off that block, you electrocute him. [Points a revolver at Hoffman] If that block had melted more, he'd be fried. Do you understand?

I don't wanna... I wanna stop playing. Why don't you ****ing kill me?

I don't want to play anymore.

It will come back to you.

It's time to let go.

Jigsaw's testing you, you ****ing piece of SHIT!!!