[Lynn's shotgun collar activates; John plays a tape]
Tape: Hello, Jeff. I made this tape as an, insurance policy, if you will.
Lynn: Jeff!
[Jeff drops the power saw]
Tape: And, if you're listening to it, then, it's time to collect. I was your final test... of forgiveness and if you're listening to this, then you failed. Now you must pay the price. The price for living for nothing but vengeance. Now I will give you something to live for. I told you that you couldn't kill me, Jeff, but I didn't tell you why. And the answer is simple: I am the person responsible for the loss of your child. I am the only person who knows where your daughter is. She only has a limited supply of air, Jeff...
Jeff: [Screaming] No!!
Tape: ...and if you want to get her back, you'll have to play a game.
[John dies]
Jeff: No!
Lynn: Jeff.
[Jeff turns just as Lynn's shotgun collar detonates, blowing her head away]
Jeff: NO!! NO!!!!
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