Amanda: That's right. I'm a murderer. He took my life away from me so I just returned the ****ing favor.
John: No, Amanda. That's what you thought. But I know different. You left him for dead, didn't you?
Amanda: [Whispers] Stop ****ing with me.
John: But I cleaned up your mistakes. I forgave you for them.
Amanda: What you do is no different than murder. You torture people. You watch them die. But now your begging me not to kill this worthless bitch on the grounds of some game?
John: You're walking us toward a precipice, Amanda. Step back.
Amanda: It's bullshit. Nobody changes. It's all a lie.
John: If you fail in this, we all fail. Succeed, and we all succeed.
Amanda: [Half crying] It's a lie. [Regains composure] I'll tell you. She hasn't changed because nobody ****ing changes. Nobody is reborn. It's all bullshit. It's all a ****ing lie! And I am just a pawn in your stupid games. I don't mean anything to you.
John: Oh, you mean everything to me.
Amanda: [Half crying again] **** you!
John: Our fates are linked. I've tried to help you, Amanda.
Amanda: So help me. Fix me. Fix me, you mother****er! I'm standing right here. Why is she so important to you?
John: She's not important to me. She's important to you.
Amanda: She's not important to me.
John: I beg you to reconsider that. This is your last chance, Amanda.
Amanda: She's nothing.
John: Your time's running out. Now you think about what you are doing. Think about everything that you've done. You think about what you promised me. Think about our dreams. You think about tomorrow.
[Jeff stands just outside the room]
Jeff: Lynn?
Lynn Denlon: Jeff!
[Amanda shoots Lynn as she falls in Jeff's arms]
Lynn: Jeff.
John: [To Amanda] You just destroyed four lives. You just murdered Jeff's wife.
[Jeff shoots Amanda in the neck]
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