Capt. Miller: Private, I'm afraid I have some bad news for ya. Well, there isn't any real easy way to say this, so, uh, so I'll just say it. Your brothers are dead. We have, uh, orders to come get you, 'cause you're going home.
Pvt. James Frederick Ryan: Oh, my God, my brothers are dead. I was gonna take 'em fishing when we got home. H-How did they die?
Capt. Miller: They were killed in action.
Pvt. James Frederick Ryan: No, that can't be. They're both-That...That can't be. My brothers are still in grammar school.
Capt. Miller: ..You're James Ryan?
Pvt. James Frederick Ryan: Yeah.
Capt. Miller: James Francis Ryan from Iowa?
Pvt. James Frederick Ryan: James Frederick Ryan, Minnesota.
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