Romeo Must Die

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Han Sing

Guns don't kill people. PEOPLE kill people.

Ok here's the deal meatball: You let me go, I let you live.

You're not only one who knows some SHIT!

Hey, brother... AMERICAN FOOTBALL!

For you, killing your son was like running a over a dog in the street. Just something in your way.

I'll let fate decide what to do with you. If the police don't get you, the other Chinese families will. Do what you will father, but this time no one will go to prison for you.

I can't hit a girl.

People don't get soft in prison.

Great country. Free cars.

Hey Dimsum, You some real funny man.

Name's Maurice, bitch.

Trish, I'm gonna find your Aaliyah-looking ass, I know where you work at!

Where my drink, man?


Sorry Romeo, but you gotta die.