Stanley Goodspeed quotes

I love pressure, I eat it for breakfast.

Let's see, we have some dirty magazines, Stone Age cave girls in the raw. Kinky.

(To Carla) I really believe that anyone who's even thinking of having a child in this world is coldly considering an act of cruelty.

Well, I'm one of those fortunate people who like my job, Sir. Got my first chemistry set when I was seven, blew my eyebrows off, we never saw the cat again, been into it ever since.

I'm a chemical superfreak actually, but, I still need a gun.

Okay, you wanna play tough with me? You wanna play tough? OK, FBI! Freeze, sucker!

Listen, I'm just a bio-chemist. Most of the time I work in a glass jar and lead a very uneventful life. I drive a Volvo. A beige one. But what I'm dealing with here, is one of the deadliest substances the earth has ever known so whaddaya say you cut me some friggin' slack?

Why don't we cut the chit chat, A-hole?!

But how in the name of Zeus' butthole did you get out of your cell? I only ask because given our current situation, that information may prove useful. Maybe!

"I'd take pleasure in guttin' you, boy. I'd take pleasure in guttin' you... boy." What is wrong with these people, huh? Mason? Don't you think there's a lot of, uh, a lot of anger flowing around this island? Kind of a pubescent volatility? Don't you think? A lotta angst, a lot of "I'm sixteen, I'm angry at my father" syndrome? I mean, grow up! We're stuck on an island with a bunch of violence-for-pleasure-seeking psycopathic marines, shame on them!

Eat that, you ****!

Honey? Uh, you wanna know who really killed JFK?

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