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Robin of Locksley
Sheriff of Nottingham

The hospitality of this country is as warm as the weather.

English! English! Behold, Azeem Edin Bashir Al Bakir! I am not one of you, but I fight! I fight with Robin Hood! I fight against a tyrant who holds you under his boot! If you would be free men, then you must fight! Join us now, join Robin Hood!

I can't do this with all that racket!

Do you mind Locksley? We've just been married.

Just a minute. Robin Hood steals money from my pocket, forcing me to hurt the public, and they love him for it? That's it, then! Cancel the kitchen scraps for lepers and orphans, no more merciful beheadings, and call off Christmas!

Duncan: Point me towards danger, Azeem, I'm ready!

Friar Tuck: Come on, get out of it. We waste good celebration time.

Will Scarlet: [after Robin and Azeem are successfully catapulted over a wall] **** me, he cleared it!

Robin of Locksley: I've seen enough blood spilled to last two lifetimes. Now get off my land! And tell Nottingham what happens to his scum when they pick on small children! [to Azeem] And you! You travel ten thousand miles to save my life and leave me to be butchered?!
Azeem: I fulfill my vows when I choose!
Robin of Locksley: Which does not include prayer times, meal times, or anytime I'm outnumbered six to one.
Azeem: You whine like a mule. You are still alive!

Sheriff of Nottingham: Cousin, I justify your intrusion with news of profound value?
Sir Guy of Gisborne: I met a hooded man today who made me warn you not to harm his people.
Sheriff of Nottingham: Who told you to cover up? His name?
Sir Guy of Gisborne: Robin of Locksley.
Sheriff of Nottingham: The prodigal son returns. He's a whelp! This girl could best him. Put it there!
Sir Guy of Gisborne: Yes, well, this whelp has bested four of my men.
Sheriff of Nottingham: Yes, well, your men were probably drunk. And yet you survived, cousin.
Sir Guy of Gisborne: I've barely survived. He has a companion, a dark skinned foreigner with a dark face of Islam and a Saracens sword.
Sheriff of Nottingham: Yes, yes, I'm sure it would take an army to match these rogues. I trust Locksley's visit to his manor and found the home fires still burning!

Robin of Locksley: Marian, I've returned to my home to find it destroyed and my father murdered! And the only explanations for it are the ramblings of an old blind man.
Maid Marian: But all I remember of you is a spoiled bully who used to burn my hair as a child.
Robin of Locksley: Please allow these years of war and prison may change a man.
Maid Marian: Robin, whatever happened between you and your father, you mustn't believe... what they accused him of.
Robin of Locksley: I don't.

[Robin, looking through a simple telescope, points his sword at Sir Guy on his horse from a distance]
Azeem: [Swatting the scope from Robin's eye] How did your uneducated kind ever take Jerusalem?

Robin of Locksley: Have we lost them?
Azeem: No. My horse carries two, and yours is lame. We can not outrun them.
Duncan: Leave me, master Robin, I slow your escape.
Robin of Locksley: We can lose them in the forest.
Duncan: Sherwood Forest is haunted, master.
Robin of Locksley: Either we take our chances with the ghosts or become ghosts ourselves.

Sir Guy of Gisborne: Come on, damn you! There are only three of them!
Soldier: It's not the mem we feared, sir. It's the evil spirits.
Sir Guy of Gisborne: Robin of the Hood! Son of a devil worshipper! You father died a coward, cursing your name and squealling like a stuck pig!
Azeem: You will bring no justice to your father by dying today.

Will Scarlett: [singing] There was a rich man from Nottingham who tried to cross a river. What a dope, he tripped on a rope. Now look at him shiver! Beg for mercy, rich man!
Robin of Locksley: I beg of no man.
Will Scarlett: Well, this here is out river, and any man that wishes to cross must pay a tax.
Robin of Locksley: I'll pay no tax, as you can see I have nothing, not even my sword.
Little John: Bollocks! Any man who travels with two servants and claims that he's got no bloody money, is either a fool or a liar.
Will Scarlett: Yeah, he's a liar!