Lana: Guess we won't see each other for awhile.
Joel: I know.
Lana: Are you going straight home now?
Joel: I don't know. Why?
Lana: It might be nice if we spent the evening together.
Joel: I'd really like that. [pause] How much have you got on you?
Lana: How much have I got on me?
Joel: Yeah.
Lana: I've got twenty bucks.
Joel: Twenty bucks, Lana? What are we going to do about this?
Lana: Well, it's just that I don't have that much on me.
Lana: Can I send it to you?
Joel: Can you send it to me?
Lana: 'Cause I don't have that much here. How about I write you a check?
Joel: Do you think I'd take a check from you? What am I, stupid?
Lana: I have a bond at the bank.
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