Reversal of Fortune

Reversal of Fortune quotes

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Alan Dershowitz
Sunny von Bülow

Raj: I agree von Bülow is guilty, but then, that's the fun -- that's the challenge.
Alan Dershowitz: Now THERE is a lawyer.

A frame-up doesn't mean he's innocent. The kids could have framed a guilty man.

Claus, let me explain something to you: the less you tell me, the more options I have.

If the rules don't work, you change them.

One thing, Claus. Legally, this was an important victory. Morally -- you're on your own.

[narrating] Claus von Bülow was given a second trial, and acquitted on both counts. This is all you can know, all you can be told. When you get where I am, you will know the rest.

[narrating] I never woke from this coma, and I never will. I am what doctors call "persistent vegetative" -- a vegetable. According to medical experts, I could stay like this for a very long time -- brain dead, body better than ever.