Lilli Hargrave: You lied to me.
Richard Lestrange: When did I lie to you?
Lilli Hargrave: You promised me, that you'd never hurt me.
Richard Lestrange: [concerned] And when did I hurt you?
Lilli Hargrave: Everytime you look at her, you hurt me.
Richard Lestrange: Well, I'm sorry. It's just that she's so different.
Lilli Hargrave: In what way?
Richard Lestrange: Well, look at her. The way she's all covered up.
Lilli Hargrave: [harshly] But you said you found all those clothes stupid and unnecessary!
Richard Lestrange: I do. It's just that... I wonder what she looks like underneath all of them.
Lilli Hargrave: You mean, you want to look at her, because you can't see her?
Richard Lestrange: Yes. You remember when I wanted to go to the north side of the island, just because I couldn't?
Lilli Hargrave: [glaring at him] Yes I do. [harshly] And I also remember what almost happened to you when you did go!
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