Richard Lestrange: The first time, he almost got me. But I was too fast for him. This time, he was lying in wait, so I dive in! And I can see down his mouth, there's about five hundred teeth with stripy little fish all around his gills, and he comes at me! He misses me, stupid sea slug!
Lilli Hargrave: Seems silly to me.
Richard Lestrange: Silly?! It's not silly, it's dangerous.
Lilli Hargrave: Exactly, that's why it's silly. I don't understand why you have to do it.
Richard Lestrange: I like the way it makes me feel.
Lilli Hargrave: What do you mean?
Richard Lestrange: [point to his stomach] Inside here. It feels all alive, when I'm know I'm the master of the reef!
Lilli Hargrave: The master of the reef. The master of the reef!
Richard Lestrange: Hey, don't you ever make fun of me!
Lilli Hargrave: I'm sorry.
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