Mr. Orange: Oh God! Shit! I'm gonna die, Larry! I'm gonna die! I'm gonna die!
Mr. White: Just hold on, buddy boy!
Mr. Orange: I'm gonna die!
Mr. White: Hey!
Mr. Orange: I'm sorry! I can't...
Mr. White: Hey there!
Mr. Orange: The ****ing crawdad!
Mr. White: Hey! Just cancel that shit, right now! You're hurt, you're hurt real ****ing bad, but you ain't dying!
Mr. Orange: I'm gonna die! This blood's scaring the shit outta me, Larry! I'm gonna die, I know it!
Mr. White: Oh, excuse me, I didn't realise you had a degree in medicine! Uh... ah... are you a doctor? Are you a doctor? Answer me please! Are you a doctor? Huh?
Mr. Orange: No, I'm not.
Mr. White: OK! So you admit you don't know what you're talking about! So, when you're through giving me your ameteur opinion, just lie back and listen to the news! I'm taking you back to the rendezvous, Joe's gonna get you a doctor, the doctor's gonna fix you up, and you're gonna be ok! Now say it! You're gonna be ok! SAY IT! [sings] You're gonna be ok! Say the goddamn words, you're gonna be ok!
Mr. Orange: [groans] Oh, God!
Mr. White: [shouts] Say the goddamn ****ing words! Say it!
Mr. Orange: I'm ok, Larry
Mr. White: Correct! Correct!
Mr. Orange: I'm ok...
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