Joe Cabot: This man set us up.
Nice Guy Eddie: Dad I'm sorry but I really don't know what's going on here.
Joe Cabot: That's all right Eddie, I'll fill in the blanks for you.
Mr. White: What are you talking about.
Joe Cabot: That lump of shit's working for the LAPD.
Mr. Orange: Joe, I don't have the single, slightest ****ing idea what you're talking about.
Mr. White: Joe I don't know what you think you know, but you're wrong. I know this man, he wouldn't do that.
Joe Cabot: You don't know shit I do the **** tipped off the cops and got Mr. Brown and Mr. Blue killed.
Mr. Pink: Mr. Blue is dead?
Joe Cabot: Dead as Dillinger.
Mr. White: How do you know all of this?
Joe Cabot: He was the only one I wasn't a hundred percent on. I should have my ****ing head examined going in when I wasn't a hundred percent sure.
Mr. White: That's your proof?!
Joe Cabot: [Draws a gun and aims at Orange] You don't need proof when you got instinct. I ignored it before but no more.
[Mr. White draws a gun and aims at Joe. And Eddie draws a gun and aims at White.] Nice Guy Eddie: Have you lost your ****ing mind?
Mr. White: Joe you are making a mistake, I won't let you do it.
Mr. Pink: Come on guys. We're supposed to be acting like ****ing professionals.
Mr. White: Joe you shoot that man, you die next. Repeat: You shoot that man, you die next.
Nice Guy Eddie: Larry, it's been a long time, a lot of jobs. We've been through a lot of shit. You respect me and I respect you, but I will put bullets in your heart if you don't put that ****ing gun down now. Let's all just put our guns down and settle this with a ****ing conversation.
Mr. White: Goddamn you, Joe. Don't make me do this.
[White, Eddie, Joe and Orange are all shot simultaniously.]
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