Tappy Tibbons: We got a winner, I said we got a winner, we got a winner! Our next winner is that delightful personality, straight from Brighton beach Brooklyn, Please give a juicy welcome to Mrs. Sarah Goldfarb!
The Audience: Juice by Sarah, juice by Sarah, juice by Sarah oh, Sarah's got juice, Sarah's got juice, ohhhhhhhh Sarah
Tappy Tibbons: I'm delighted to tell you, that you've just won the grand prize!
Sara Goldfarb: Oh no!
Tappy Tibbons: Now let me tell you what you've won. Your prize has a sweet smile, and his own private business. He just got engaged, and is about to get married this summer, please give a warm, and juicy welcome, Harry Goldfarb!
The Audience: Juice by Harry, juice by Harry, ohhhh Harry's got juice, Harry's got juice ohhhhhh Harry.
Sara Goldfarb: I love you Harry.
Harry Goldfarb: I love you too ma.
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