Tom Collins quotes

Merry Christmas, bitches!

'Oh, hi,' after seven months?

They expelled me for my theory of actual reality.

That's cute, you still love her.

Well I'm thwarted by a metaphysic puzzle, and I'm sick of grading papers, this I know. I'm drowning in my sleep I need a muzzle. And all this misery pays no salary, so...

Yeah, I teach. Computer age philosophy. When my students would rather watch TV.

In honor of the death of Bohemia, an impromptu salon will commence immediately following dinner - Maureen Johnson, back from her one night performance at the eleventh street lot, will perform Native American tribal chants, backwards, through her vocoder, while accompanying herself on the electric cello, which she ain't never studied.

[To Joanne] You got engagedededed!

The benevolent god ushers the poor artists back to their flat. Full story tonight on Buzzline.

Hey, it's me! Throw down the key.

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