Mark Cohen quotes

December 24, 1989, 9 PM, Eastern Standard Time. From here on in, I shoot without a script. See if anything comes from it, instead of my old shit.

There are times, when we're dirt broke and hungry, and I ask myself "What the hell am I still doing here?" and then they call, and I remember...

First I got a protest to save.

And Roger will attempt to write a bittersweet, evocative song... that doesn't remind us of "Musetta's Waltz."

That sleezy news show Buzzline wants to take a meeting.

Look, this is not my Bar Mitzvah, give it back to me!

[About Maureen committing to Joanne] This can't be happening.

Hey, guys, all our shit's back!

That drip of hurt, that pint of shame, goes away -- just play the game!

I see it my film!

Alexi? Mark. Call me a hypocrite. I need to finish my own film. I quit!

December 24, 1990, 10 PM, Eastern Standard Time. I can't believe a year went by so fast.

Hey, Collins, don't get your ass kicked this time!

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