Groot Nadine quotes

If I was you, Colonel, I'd ponder on lettin' him be. He's a mighty set man when his mind's made up. Even you can't change him. Now he'll be headin' South. Mind he don't stomp on you on the way out.

Colonel, me and Dunson...well, it's me and Dunson.

Why do Indians always want to be burnin' up good wagons?

Never liked seein' strangers. This is 'cause no stranger ever good news'd me.

[about Matt and Cherry] They was having some fun - peculiar kind of fun, sizing each other up for the future. Them two's gonna tangle for certain and when they do, it ain't gonna be pretty because they got a thousand miles to do it in.

[to Bunk] I could take the end of your nose off just as easy. A man in your age stealin' sugar!

[to Bunk] Your sweet tooth is almost as bad as having a whiskey tongue or liking a woman.

It's all right. For fourteen years, I've been scared, but it's gonna be all right.

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